Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stories I've Written 6

The Farmer And The Mosquito
Once upon a time,
There lived a Farmer who had a Son named
Carr .
The Farmer’s name was Juggles Jam Jigglety Jon.
Because the Farmer was kind to people, He was very famous (the good kind of fame of course, He got fame for His kindness.)
Juggles Jam Jigglety Jon Gave others 50 percent of what He earns every month.
For short, people called  Him Juggles J. J. J .
Now, Juggles J. J. J, and His Wife, called Mush, wanted their Son to get married but, also at the same time Carr was their only Son so they did not want Him to leave.
But in the end, He was married to a Australian Mosquito named Pooch.

Pooch was a mosquito you see, and could only live on blood , so  nobody liked her.
And also, even Carr himself could
no longer stand her.
So in the and Carr took a big flyswatter and tried to kill her.
 But Pooch flew away, and,
Not wanting to be killed, was never seen again.
But Carr remarried and lived happily with his new wife.

(Ps.   Human wife of course!)

The End  

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Peom 3

Where Mack Went
Mack went up,
 Mack went down,
 Mack went all the way to town.

Then he turned and headed back,
That poor Mack was carrying a sack.

That sack, dear me, was full of rats,
The rats, dear me, were wearing caps,
The caps, dear me, was as a stone,
And then the fat cat sat on my phone.

My phone,
 He loaned everything he owned,
All because of Mack and his sack.  

Peom 2

The kitty

The itty bitty kitty,
Flew away to a city,
Where everyone took pity,
 On the committee of salt lake city.

Peom 1

Just The Way It Goes

Popcorn goes pop,
Dogs go woof,
Cats go meow,
Magicians go poof!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not A Single Clue

Something is happening around here, but I just don't know what it is. I will tell you about the things that I try to piece together. 

Clue no.1  I don't  know why, but I keep finding 10 cents. I found it 4 times already.
Clue no.2  I saw 5 angles shaped in the clouds.
Clue no.3 I saw a vision - a vision of a glow in the dark bed, a bed up in the air with a glow in the dark outline- hmm.... that's cool , right?

I  am still wondering.

Stories I've Written - 5

Timmy and Josh's Fountain Pens

Once upon a time, there was two brothers named Timmy and Josh whom lived in a cosy condo near the shopping mall. Timmy and Josh stayed with almost all their family - Grandparents, Uncles, and Aunties. It was sure cram!!

Josh was 15 and Timmy was ten. Every year on Josh's birthday, his family would buy him a fountain pen, since he was ten. Now he had five pens. But this year was different. Just this Christmas, Timmy and Josh's family got two gifts wrapped in nice paper. Their family asked them to choose which gift they want.

Timmy took the smaller one without a word. But as for Josh, he grabbed the big one. Josh thought there was a fountain pen. But no, it was a watch. The gift inside the smaller one was a golden fountain pen. But Josh wanted that pen instead. So they made a deal. Timmy would have the watch and Josh's 4 pens and the other golden one would be Josh's.

The End

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stories I've Written - 4

What’s  Wonderful  Wings

Once upon a time, there was a Girl named Sonya.
Sonya was a Girl about the age of 10.
One fine morning, Sonya was playing in her garden.
Just then, she saw a wounded toucan lying on the grass.
Sonya picked the poor bird up and carried him into the house.
Next she bandaged the toucan’s little wing.
Then the little Girl took him into the living room and she sat on the couch and said, I wonder what I will name him.
As Sonya said these words over and over again, a idea came to her and she said, I know! I will call him What!
The next day, What woke Sonya up.
Peck Peck Peck  Peck!
Immediately Sonya knew what What was saying: I want to fly.
So Sonya said right back to him, no no, your wing is still hurt.
But What persuaded her so finally she fixed on a kite to What.
Then What flew up into the air,and he soared like an Eagle.

The end